Dental Implant Restoration in Calgary

Missing teeth can cause a variety of problems, such as making it difficult to speak, chew and even smile. That’s why Braeside Dental is extremely pleased to offer implant restoration for patients who are looking to permanently replace missing teeth. Implant restoration involves attaching an artificial tooth that is anchored into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth’s root. Compared to other tooth restoration options, like removable dentures, implants don’t require adjacent teeth for support. After the implant is in place, the gum and bone tissues grow around it, adding support and strengthen the surrounding areas.


Implants also prevent bone demineralization because it replaces the missing tooth’s root. As a result, they support your facial structure and maintain your youthful appearance. Implants offer superior stability and durability and can last for many years with proper care. If you’re interested in implants, contact Braeside Dental to set up an appointment. We’ll work with you to restore your smile.


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