Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary

For a number of reasons, a tooth may have to be removed if it’s severely damaged or decayed. At Braeside Dental, we will only consider removing a tooth if there are no other viable options available. A severely decayed tooth can cause infection and inflammation, making tooth extraction necessary to prevent the tooth from affecting other areas. An impacted wisdom teeth is another common reason why a tooth may have to be extracted. It occurs when a wisdom teeth fails to erupt properly due to insufficient space in the mouth, which can cause severe pain, infection and even cysts to develop.


Before deciding to extract a tooth, we will thoroughly examine your mouth and go over your options before deciding on a course of action. If a tooth extraction is recommended, you will be given an anesthesia to ensure you’re completely comfortable. Contact us at 403-251-1055 to set up an appointment today.


Tooth Extractions in CalgaryWisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary

Tooth Extractions CalgaryWisdom Teeth Removal Calgary